Quality Building Reports

Fred Graham building consultant will provide you with a thorough and easy to read pre-purchase building report. Fred can inspect any type of domestic housing, unit, flat or apartment in Sydney, NSW.

Why do I need a building report?

There are three great reasons why it’s important to get a building inspection
1. If you get the report done before you buy a property, you’ll know what type of problems to expect down the track
2. You can use the information provided in the report to better negotiate a lower property price as you’ll understand the type of issues that might require repair
3. Contained in the report will be expert advice about major problems and how they might affect your property over the years

• Roof Exterior
• Roof Interior
• Building Exterior
• Subfloor
• Building Interior
• Site including up to one Outbuilding, such as a garage, granny flat or shed

• Leaking roofs or damaged roof plumbing
• Structural cracks or timber framing inadequacies
• Leaking showers or baths / wet areas
• Damp issues such as rising damp or penetrating damp
• Poor external drainage or storm-water concerns
• Main structural elements
• Water hammer or poor water pressure
• Potential safety hazards such as collapsing balconies
• Potential Fire Hazards

What a pre-purchase report does not contain

A building inspection report is different to a pest inspection report. Fred Graham will be able to report on visual damage that may be due to termites but it usually won’t include the existence of termites or other timber destroying pests. Fred recommends you also ask for a separate pest independent inspection report. (link to independent pest inspections report)

Previously inspected houses – reduced cost

If Fred has already inspected your property you can make a saving on the total cost. Ask him!

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