Protect your financial investment

Did you know one in five Sydney homes have experienced termite damage? Sydney, NSW has been rated as the second highest risk zone in Australia for termite attack. You may not realise that all homes contain timber elements resulting in a HIGH RISK of termite attack. Timber pests can attack wall and floor frames, roof frames, desks, handrails and timber retaining walls, weakening the overall structure of your house.

Timber pests include

  • Termites,
  • Wood Decay Fungi (Wood rot)
  • Wood Borers.

Why does a home buyer need a pest report?

There are over 350 termite varieties in Australia with 20 regarded as highly destructive. The damage to the property could cost you thousands in repairs. Always get an independent pest report before you purchase a home.

Why does a home seller need a pest report?

Don’t lose that home sale because you were not aware of a termite problem. It’s important to understand the true state of your property before you put it up for sale. Knowledge of termite issues can give you time to rectify the problem.

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