What is a dilapidation report?

A dilapidation report (sometimes called a pre existing condition report) is a report on the condition of a property at a given point in time. It records any existing damage, and the state of any particular aspects of the property that are likely to be affected by construction work, excavation or demolition.

These reports are normally carried out on nearby properties both before work begins, and after it’s finished. Comparing the two reports offers a clear picture of any damage that might have occurred as a result of building, excavation or demolition work.

What does a dilapidation report include?

Dilapidation reports should be carried out by an experienced building consultant with a solid understanding of the aspects of a house or property that are likely to be affected by nearby works, and who know exactly what to look for.

Dilapidation reports typically include things like notes, measurements, photographs and diagrams which give an accurate picture of the state of the buildings being inspected, and are normally signed by both the owner of the property being inspected, and the party having construction work done.

Why should I get a dilapidation report?

Whether or not these reports are necessary will come down to where your building is situated in relation to other buildings, and what the authorities in your area require. Even if they’re not required by law for the work you’re doing though, dilapidation reports can help protect you against litigation if neighbours claim that your construction or demolition work has damaged their homes. Avoid a costly mistake and ask Fred!

Fred Graham has extensive experience conducting inspections and reporting on the condition of buildings and surrounding infrastructure (e.g. footpaths, driveways, retaining walls, boundary fences etc.), before construction works commence on either adjoining or nearby properties or on land set aside for the extension of freeways or other road works.

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